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Stupified Sims
A Harry Potter based sharing community
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Welcome to Stupified Sims. A Harry Potter based simming Community. My name is Hoshi and I am your Headmaster.
This is a community for everyone and anyone who loves The Sims 2, and Harry Potter. Here we can share pictures and downloads, as well as WCIF's and Great Finds for all. There are only a few rules.

The current banner is temporary until we have some members, and then I'll hold an image contest. Votes will be submitted by poll and the winner will be credited and the image made in to a banner for all to see.

Currently looking for mods. Please message me if you're interested in modding the community.

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2nd-Jun-2013 09:11 pm - Hi there!
Charlotte thinking
I'm Vuokkosims, Argentinian simmer, and Potterhead, hoshi_sims was kind to make me a mod, and I will share Harry Potter cc, and help to mod :)
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